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Hi, I am Kahlo (AKA Gif, which means poison in Dutch).

Not so long ago I realised that I am transgender, or to be precise androgynous, queer, non-binary (I don’t like that word), gender-fluid or maybe there are many more words that I don’t know yet. Please let me know if I have missed a few :).

I am also a parent to two children, and a sibling to a beautiful strong woman who was adopted from India many moons ago. I am also an aunt to her daughter and an adopted guardian to my ex-racing greyhound Goliath.

Other identities I still hold dear is being a punk, a squatter, a traveller, a revolutionary socialist, a trade unionist, an artist, a poet, a blogger (obviously!), a craftsman, a wood worker, a carpenter, a lorry-mounted-crane-operator, a lorry driver, a writer, a translator, a sailor, a boatman, a student and an interior decorator. I really hope I can add to the list as I go along, although even if I say so myself, that’s quite an impressive list there!

This blog is written by me for several reasons, but among others I intend to document my transitional journey of self discovery and while doing so, I hope you will follow my blog and leave comments. Because I would really like a dialog, a discussion and debate about gender equality, mental health, gender transitioning and how to get there. But there will be lots of other topics discussed by me here, which I hope will also be interesting.

Love, Kahlo x

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