The light at the end | your hope is just bend | thoughts of inclusion| are just an illusion |

Your notion of love | intimate touch tough | to stomach for an empty shell | deprived like hell | but still you dream of fusion | it’s just an illusion |

Outward looking, searching | for empty promise hunting | unavailable profusion | resulting in illusion |

And abuse and rape | sadly not on tape | my emptiness ever growing | bigger want, bigger knowing |

Inward looking | towards the little sparkling | of self-loving reality | turning into validity | eventually | illusion to profusion | of love

Mayola | 2020


Date unknown

A cry A cry

I hear A cry

Why Why Why

Is it my cry

Is it so


Sadness I think

Despair do U

Feel my pain

Do U hear see

Feel touch hurt my

Life in any way

Do U really touch

Me do U feel

Like I feel U

Touch me now

U look me in

The eye and see

How I want U

Close for now

I hurt though

Never mind try

To let go catch

My tears so I can

Laugh like U and

Hold U to me

Can I tell U

Feelings don’t

U run if U

Know the feeling

Which in my heart

Screams out for