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Poetry at times of trouble

Short articles – reflection and analysis

Woodwork – artisan design

Photo art – visual pleasure

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Hi, welcome to my site.

My name is Mayola (AKA Gif which means poison in Dutch) and as you can guess I am originally from the Netherlands. I have recently come out as androgynous and still at the beginning of the self discovering journey of gender transitioning.

Through my blog, poetry and art you will accompany me on this journey and other journeys I am taking simultaneously.

This site is a tool for me to recover, discover and develop myself and my life to live it as fully and real as I can. Ultimately I would like to contribute to helping others like me rehabilitate, recover and be the best version of themselves.

It is essential on this journey that if you can relate, have questions, respectfully disagree or want to support me, please get in touch and leave comments on my posts. It will help me and others to reflect and discuss the issues I raise and ultimately help each other forward.

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